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Sensei Joe Kajita (8th Dan)

Sensei Kajita is the founder of the El Toro Judo Club. He holds an
eighth dan (red & while belt) awarded from the Kodokan in Japan.
Sensei has practiced and competed with some of the best judo players
in the world. He is an active and integral part of the local, national, and
international judo community.
Keith Chu (5th Dan) - Chief Instructor

Keith began his judo training as a young lad in Liverpool,
England. His diverse experience as a teacher and competitor
provide El Toro students with high quality instruction. Keith is a
dynamic teacher with a fun and creative style that is a big hit
with kids as well as adults.
Thomas Weimann (5th Dan) -Assistant Instructor

Thomas learned Japanese the hard way - by attending college in Japan.
While in Japan he trained at the Kodokan, the home of judo. His
experience translates nicely to our dojo with Thomas providing great
perspective on Kodokan Judo history and technique. Thomas is a
lifetime member of the Kodokan and the United States Judo Federation.
Richard Oliva (3rd Dan) -Assistant Instructor

Richard brings his rich experience as a competitor to El Toro.
Richard is known for his efficient and effective style. He is always
able to add an extra twist to standard techniques, keeping training
interesting for new and experienced students alike.
Brian Carmichall (1st Dan) - Assistant Instructor

Brian began his Judo training in Northwestern Montana. A successful
junior competitor, Brian competed frequently around the Northwestern
U.S. and Canada and earned both gold and silver medals in the Junior
Olympics. Brian is a lifetime member of the United States Judo
Gold Medal - U.S. Senior Nationals 2009.
Gold Medal - Nikkei Games 2008