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El Toro Judo Club has had a very long, respected and established presence in Orange County California. Originally located at the El Toro Marine Corp Base, the club name and location was transferred to Laguna Niguel when the base was decommisioned in 1999. The Name was passed to Kajita Sensei who in honor and recognition of it's history carries its name on.  

Sensei Joe Kajita (8th Dan)
Executive Instructor

Sensei Kajita is the figure head of the El Toro Judo Club. He holds an
eighth dan (red & while belt) awarded from the Kodokan in Japan.
Sensei has practiced and competed with some of the worlds legendary judo players. Including Daigo-sensei and Anton Geesink. Sensei is an integral part of the our  judo community. Sensei Kajita is one of the highest ranked Judoka in California and is very knowledgable and often willing to demonstrate his infamous Tsurikomi Goshi to Kata Guruma combination. 

Sensei was World Masters Champion at the age of 74.

Keith Chu (6th Dan)
Chief Instructor

Keith began his judo training as a young lad in Liverpool,
England. His diverse experience as a teacher and competitor
provide El Toro students with high quality instruction. Keith is a
dynamic teacher with a fun and creative style that is a big hit
with kids as well as adults.
Keith is USJF Master Gold Coach certified and his recent competitive sucesses include:

Gold Medal  Masters- U.S. Senior Nationals 2009
Gold Medal Master Open Weight US Open 2009
Gold Medal Masters  - U.S. Senior Nationals 2014

Keith is the current President of Nanka Judo Yudanshakai (Southern California Black Belt Association) and  also 2nd Vice President of the United States Judo Federation.

Thomas Weimann (5th Dan)
Assistant Instructor

Thomas learned Japanese the hard way - by attending college in Japan. While in Japan he trained at the Kodokan, the home of judo. His experience translates nicely to our dojo with Thomas providing great perspective on Kodokan Judo history and technique. Thomas is a lifetime member of the Kodokan and the United States Judo Federation.

Richard Oliva (3rd Dan)

Richard brings his rich experience as a competitor to El Toro. Richard is known for his efficient and effective style. He is always able to add an extra twist to standard techniques, keeping training interesting for new and experienced students alike.

Brian Carmichall (1st Dan)

Brian began his Judo training in Northwestern Montana. A successful junior competitor, Brian competed frequently around the Northwestern
U.S. and Canada and earned both gold and silver medals in the Junior Olympics. Brian is a lifetime member of the United States Judo Federation.

Peter Angelici (1st Dan)

Peter, unlike our other Instructors is our home grown success. Studied under Sensei Kajita, Peter has grown from beginner to a solid, skilled Black Belt, with an undeniable skill for Ashi-Waza. Now he is one of our regular instructors and can often be found on the mat working out with his son Anthony.

Mike Crane (1st Kyu)
Assistant Instructor

Mike, initially tried out Judo in 1966 while a serving Marine in Okinawa. He trained on straw tatami and wore fireman tunics as judogi. Mike returned back to judo with us at El Toro Judo Club and is well on his way to becoming a Black Belt. Mike spends a lot of his time studying judo and is very knowledgable on waza.